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The SSPEED Center’s Dr. Fang is leading research on the “MavAir” unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to advance our capabilities for surveying terrain to help flood experts collect and assess complex data for commercial, environmental, energy, utilities, agricultural and urban planning. Due to many uncertainties in existing datasets that prevent critical questions from being answered in the fields of hydrology and hydraulics, Dr. Fang and his team believe that UAVs are the perfect fit to advance our research including collecting timely and ultra-high resolution data. MavAir No. 1 (see video) is an octocopter UAV selected by Fang and his team to provide high payload capacity, long flight duration and stability, which supports several remote sensing applications, including LiDAR. Currently, his main research goal in UAVs for the SSPEED center is to collect, process and integrate all of these different pieces of information like terrain, vegetation, waterbodies, bridges, and flood inundation extension to a comprehensive and precise hydrologic/hydraulic model.




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