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» Urban Flooding & Infrastructure: Moving Forward from Harvey

   February 21-22, 2018


Over 200 academics, engineers, representatives, and concerned citizens attended the SSPEED Center’s conference, “Urban Flooding & Infrastructure: Moving Forward from Harvey” at Rice’s Bioscience Research Collaborative on February 21-22, 2018. Speakers included…

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» SSPEED’s Jim Blackburn releases book, A Texan Plan for the Texas Coast

   August 14, 2017


This book sets out to be a workable pathway to protecting the Texas coast. Given our Texas mindset, this plan does not depend upon regulation but rather on economics and understanding and force of will.

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» SSPEED Center Spring Kick-Off Meeting

   March 9, 2017


The SSPEED Center hosted a kick-off meeting with its directors, researchers, and students to discuss the next phase of work for the Houston Endowment. The day included an overview of upcoming projects, such as modeling and data group discussions, as well as…

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» Rice University Continuing Education Course, “Full World: Houston’s Economic and Ecologic Future”

   Wednesdays March 1 - April 19, 2017


A boundless, “anything’s possible” spirit characterizes much of Houston’s development, business and life. How do we reconcile this ethos with the growing recognition that our natural resources are finite, that we live in a “full world?” Environmental lawyer, planner and professor Jim Blackburn

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» SSPEED meeting with LSU Center for Coastal Resiliency

   October 14, 2016


SSPEED Center hosted a meeting, "A System of Systems Approach to Building Resilience to Surge and Nuisance Flooding under Present and Future Conditions." The meeting included a special presentation from Louisiana State University's Scott Hagen. Read more.




» Presentation of SSPEED’s H-GAPs Update to Galveston Area Neighborhood Association

   June 14, 2016


Presentation by Phil Bedient and Jim Blackburn. Read more.




» Avoiding Disasters: How to Reduce Impacts from the Next Big Storm

   April 26-27, 2016


It's been more than two and half years since the SSPEED Center at Rice has hosted a public conference on protecting the greater Houston-Galveston area from severe storms and hurricanes. During our last conference, the focus was on the vulnerabilities of the region and potential mitigation strategies. In a two-day conference this April, we are presenting updates and advancements to our ongoing research, as well as proposals on solutions that move us closer to building a more resilient coast.


Agenda. Recap. Slides (April 26th, 2016)   Slides (April 27th, 2016)







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