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TCX | Texas Coastal Exchange (Jim Blackburn) 

 “The Texas Coastal Exchange (TCX) was conceived at the SSPEED Center as a market based, non-structural flood damage reduction concept.  Essentially, the goal of TCX was to establish a process whereby ranchers could be paid to store flood water on their land during flood events.  This rather narrow goal expanded into a system to buy and sell ecological services in order to generate new revenue streams for landowners in order to make the open space of their farm and ranch land economically competitive with developed land. In this way, reducing the likelihood that farm and ranch land would have to be sold for more lucrative options that would increase flood damages in the future.

This initial inquiry into ecological service sales led to the realization that ecosystems offer more products than simply storing water. Ecosystems store carbon, generate biological diversity and provide recharge for aquifers and base flow for streams and rivers. Of these, the storage of carbon rapidly moved to the top of the list of potential benefits worth investigating. Read more...

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