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FIRST (Flood Information & Response System) was developed for the City of Houston as an end-to-end radar-based flood assessment and mapping tool for critical infrastructure.  Facilities include hospitals, nursing homes, fire stations and shelters. The system allows for early warning with real-time visualizations of critical hotspots and inundated areas during rain events. The system is designed to assist the City of Houston in addressing emergency management and operations, including emergency closures, evacuation, as well as rescue operations. Please check out our new website using the below button.

The SSPEED Center is researching Houston's major flood-prone watersheds. Through partnerships with the Texas Medical Center, the City of Houston, and community organizations, SSPEED has been working on predicting and monitoring rainfall events for more than 20 years in the region. Currently, we have projects on White Oak, Hunting, Brays, and Sims Bayous

Designed by flood expert, Dr. Philip Bedient at Rice University, with assistance from Dr. Nick Fang and Dr. Baxter Vieux, FAS4 is an integrated system that predicts inundation levels caused by heavy rainfall events in order to provide lead-time for flood-response decisions. For over twenty years, FAS has monitored the Brays Bayou Watershed to protect the Texas Medical Center.

H O W - I T - W O R K S

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