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HEC-RAS 2D Workshop

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
8 am - 5:00 pm
The Ion - 4201 Main St, Houston, TX 77002

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The SSPEED Center, in partnership with the Institute for a Disaster Resilient Texas (IDRT), is hosting a one-day workshop at the Ion in Houston on modeling using 2D HEC-RAS. The workshop intends to provide attendees with a general overview of the newly released hydraulic model and important steps on how to develop and run HEC-RAS 2D for various floodplain applications.

Up to 8 Hours of CEU Credits

Workshop Pricing: $400

Topics Include: 

  • Why run HEC-RAS 2D?

  • Theoretical background on 2D unsteady flow hydraulics

  • Case studies using HEC-RAS 2D: 

    • Regional-scale watershed studies, Neighborhood-scale urban analysis

  • Setting up HEC-RAS 2D models 

    • Terrain models and 2D mesh development, Manning's roughness & infiltration layers, breaklines, boundary conditions

  • Running HEC-RAS 2D models 

    • Rain-on grid vs. channel, riverine floodplain and viewing results, extracting information using RAS Mapper 

Speakers Include:

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Clint, Nick, and Andy.JPG
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